Fearlessness Achievement

The notion of being fearless suggests that one does it on their own.  To live fearlessly also doesn’t mean living without fear.  Instead it means that you find a way to put a straightjacket on your fear, walk with fear in front of you, but now you are pushing it forward.

You see, as a champion you understand that fear doesn’t leave town or go on vacation.  You live with fear and move forward together through every accomplishment.  That nag is there, still pecking at your drive, but you’ve managed to get control of fear.

Beyond having fear as your success partner, you don’t have to get over fear alone.  Every successful person deals with fear, some with great bravado, others with quiet strength and still others surround themselves with people who have been there, done that.

Action Step

  • Seek out stories or videos about champions living with fear or living fearlessly.
  • Ask a trusted colleague to share a story about how he or she got over a fearful period in their life.
  • Deepen your connections with others so at to receive and to give support through adversity.

About the Author

Lorene Collier Purcy is a Certified Financial Social Work Coach, Creative Wealth Educator, President & CEO of Mindset Matters Consulting & Education LLC, an enlightenment organization, that partners with schools, youth groups, churches and communities to educate, equip and empower today’s youth from all walks of life to take control of their future through properly managing their money and becoming socially connected to the real world. Lorene is also the Founder of Savvy Chicks Rule, empowering women on how to rethink and reevaluate their beliefs, thoughts and attitudes about money. When it comes to Money Matters Lorene is the Money Maven individuals, groups and companies choose to experience financial victory!

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