Did you know that over 43 million people have a 599 credit score or lower?

Quite eye-opening, isn't it?

The majority of individuals think just paying their bills on time will give them the best credit score possible and don't realize there are 5 factors that determine a credit rating.

It's time for a new beginning... Click play on the video below and see how we work with you to increase your credit score, eliminate your debt, & ensuring you are protecting your identity, assets, finances and family.

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See what some of our customers have to say:

"Before becoming a protection plan members, we didn't realize how many aspects of our finances could possibly be out of our control.  Now we are confident that our credit and assets are fully protected and that our family's financial future is secure.  

The FES protection plan makes it easy for everyone to organize their financial and personal affairs.  Your credit, identity and family are too important not to protect, which is why everyone needs this!"

Jason & keri harris Cumming, GA

"I knew the importance of having my financial affairs in order, I just didn't know where to start.  The protection plan gave me a strategy and process to help me execute it.  The Debt Zero program gave me a plan to be debt-free. The Will, Trust and Power of Attorney gave me an estate plan for my family and the ability to add my new grandson.  And the credit related tools helped to delete 12 derogatory items from my credit report in just 45 days, significantly increasing my score.  

This is the most valuable membership I've ever had and it feels great to know that these very important areas of my life are now in order."

Patricia Weaver St. Louis, MO

Start Your Protection Plan Membership Today!

Your Family, Finances and Future Are Secure With Us!

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"I believe the value of the protection plan far exceeds the $87 per month cost.  Can you really put a price on safeguarding your family or your own well-being?  The multitude of services offered within the protection plan cover the most vital areas of my personal and financial matters, and I know I am now prepared for any and all events in my life.  

I am so appreciative to FES for their innovative, simplistic and easy to use interactive website that makes getting everything in order a pleasure.  This is the best investment I have ever made."

Min Hur Buena Park, CA

"Completing the financial literacy challenge highlighted our lack of financial stability, security and responsibility.  We quickly realized we needed a plan of action to protection our family and future.  At the same time, we know that spending thousands of dollars to get all the services we needed was not feasible.

However, with the protection plan membership we could get our credit restored and all of our personal and financial affairs in order for LESS THAN HALF our monthly cell phone bill.  We now have true peace of mind knowing we have a comprehensive and affordable plan securing our family's future!"

Dale & Shirley Guiducci Largo, FL

"Life was great!  I was married to a prominent physician, had a new baby boy and a beautiful home.  But instantly, all that changed when my husband suddenly died.  He had on will, no life insurance and none of his important documents could be found.

Years later I was introduced to the FES protection plan and, of course, thought, 'I wish we had this back then'.  Without hesitation, I become a protection plan member and now have the peace of mind and certainty that my family will never experience what I had to go through.  Don't think it can't happen to you ... protect yourself and your family with the protection plan!"

LIlly OrtizAtlanta, GA

Start Your Protection Plan Membership Today!

Your Family, Finances and Future Are Secure With Us!

Only $89 / month

Plus a $99 activation fee

How many people do you know today that has less than perfect credit or have an excessive amount of debt? Take a second to see what this membership has to offer, share with your friends & family and let me know what you think. >> Protection Plan Membership <<

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