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Have you ever wondered how a rich person was able to accumulate so much money? Perhaps you’ve taken notice of a poor person and found it perplexing, or even upsetting, that she just didn’t have any money no matter how hard she worked. What determines who will be rich and who will be poor? The reality is that your money mindset helps you determine whether you’ll be rich or poor.

Get Rich Savvy Chick addresses the differences between the mindsets of rich and poor people when it comes to money. Each section explores a specific way of thinking about money and the widely contrasting views taken by the rich and poor. You’ll be enlightened about how you can alter what you think, feel and believe about money in order to “get rich.”  

You might think there's a problem with your product or service. You might think there's a problem with your marketing strategy. Or you might simply think you've become a sad statistic – after all, most small businesses fail to take off in their first 3-5 years. Sure, that may be true. After all, up to 69% of all new small businesses (especially home-based ones) fail within their first 5 years. But do you really feel you're part of that 69%?

69% of all small businesses fail, simply because the owners lack a certain “secret ingredient” that's helps their businesses expand exponentially, last for decades, and rake in millions of dollars in sales. The Change in My Pocketbook can help your struggling business catch a second wind, earn its first million, and finally give you the financial security you've always wanted. 

In the 21st Century, it seems that everything is changing. With the advancements of technology and the rapid growths and declines of businesses, you may feel unsure of yourself and your potential. What if we saw the world and our circumstances just a little bit differently? How could things change if our perspective shifted from the negative to the positive? Isn't that what inspiration is? Something that changes your perspective; something that makes someone feel like the impossible is suddenly within their grasp?

Ready, Aim, Soar! offers a wealth of knowledge from experts who want to share their secrets with you. Feel inspired as they impart pearls of wisdom that they wish they'd have known when they began their own journeys. 

Lorene Collier PurcyCreative Wealth Educator

I truly believe that applied knowledge is power, that is why you will always find me reading and learning wisdom from people who I admire and respect.  I consider most of these authors as my mentors and will gladly say that I was inspired to write a couple of books myself (see below).  I know you will be blessed by the content on the pages of these books ... Click the book link below to view more information and to add them to your library.