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Women attending these sessions are motivated to work on their pocketbook prosperity. They want to create a brighter and more secure future for themselves and their families. Despite the challenges they face, these women are dedicated to becoming economically self-sufficient.  These sessions are designed to help empower, educate and equip women on the most vital tools and resources for financial freedom.

Speaking Topics

Six-Figure Mindset

A critical first step in achieving Pocketbook Prosperity is acknowledging your Pocketbook Pain and telling the truth about your financial situation. Lorene shares the truth about how to identify your money mindset leaks and offers transformational solutions to shift you out of survival consciousness into wealth mindfulness.

During this session, participants begin shedding unhealthy money weight, create a blueprint for cultivating Pocketbook Prosperity, revive their money pulse and leave feeling peacefully refreshed and empowered for their financial prosperity pursuit.

Lifestyle Lift

Getting back to black in your financial and emotional bank accounts requires you to shift into a wealth conscious mindset and go from a lack-luster life to a limitless, abundant life you love. Lorene shares exactly how to revive and leverage the power of your prosperity pulse so you can emotionally and financially thrive.

Participants receive practical and proven financial health strategies that give your financial pulse instant CPR and creative tips on boosting your bottom line. Additionally, participants learn how to gracefully and successfully navigate through the stages of change as they shift from Pocketbook Pain to Pocketbook Prosperity.

Automatic Money

Financial prosperity requires a SMART and balanced plan, patience and perseverance. Successful people accomplish their goals in life by design and not by default. During this presentation, you’ll discover how to set SMART financial goals, create your personal prosperity vision and how to put your goals into action. Lorene shares new ways to earn money, how to attract and sustain financial success and how to harmonize your life, passion and dreams.

Participants will leave inspired to achieve financial freedom and empowered to create a lifestyle that easily prepares them for pocketbook prosperity and personal fulfillment.

Dr. Kimberly Ellison Gemstones Summer Enrichment

It has been a true honor partnering with Lorene for our Gemstones & Gentlemen Summer Enrichment Conference. Lorene provide life changing concepts and strategies for parents to gain financial literacy. Her delivery is the essence of educating individuals on how to establish healthy financial habits. I look forward to having Lorene with us again.

Jerilyn Edmonds Tarrant County College

I am pleased to recommend Lorene Purcy as a professional speaker for your conference or professional event. She has been a dynamic and requested speaker for over 5 years at The Tarrant County College Ariel Hunter Chriss, African American Professionals Conference. Her expertise in financial literacy and lifestyle choices are always requested seminars. She is also a leader on our board and has spearheaded projects to strengthen our vision. Ms Purcy is a professional in every way--she is dependable ,always prepared and is a person of her word. She easily relates to diverse audiences -- including students, emerging and mature business professionals.The audience always give her top survey results.

Creative Wealth Mastery (Youth Program)

During our programs we educate, equip and empower participants with the knowledge that they are fully in charge of creating their own lives, and that includes how much money they want to have when they grow up and what they can do with it. We use accelerated teaching techniques and break down complicated financial concepts into understandable information by using a variety of role-playing games, and activities. Participants walk out of our program truly feeling like THEY can be a millionaire!

At Last ... Financial Education That Makes $ense

Angela Baker Southside Bank

I would just like to thank you for inviting me to join you for the Rising Stars Leadership Academy financial program. It was a pleasure to see how the students were so inter-active with your presentation. Financial Literacy is very important and I feel like you hit all points in a way the students could understand. Having work sheets and actually having the students get up out of their seats and participate was a great idea. I think the students really got something from this presentation that will follow them throughout their lives.

Daphne Brookins FW Rising Stars Leadership Academy

It was great to have you come and do financial literacy for the Rising Stars Youth Leadership Academy. Because of your presentation, the Stars now have a better understanding how to manage their money after they earn it, and how to invest and get a return on it. I would recommend this program to all students between the ages of 13-18 so when they do began working they will have a better understanding how money works in their home and around them.

Lorene Collier Purcy is an accomplished professional in the field of corporate lending and office administration, having managed multiple loan programs of over $200 million dollars. Venturing outside of Corporate America, she has gained over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner. Her extensive knowledge and skills in the areas of business administration, customer relations and financial management allows her to consult individuals and small business owners concerning a myriad of solutions to their challenges, i.e. debt, financial management and small business planning. Recognized by colleagues and clients as one with a high degree of integrity; a contagious passion for excellence; a knack for practical business solutions, and a competence for motivational leadership, Lorene would confidently deliver an exciting, effective and personalized presentation to your group or organization. 

Lorene Collier Purcy is a Certified Financial Social Work Educator, Personal Finance Speaker, Business Consultant, International / Best Selling Author, President & CEO of Mindset Matters Consulting & Education LLC and Founder of Savvy Chicks Rule. She partners with schools, youth groups, churches and communities to educate, equip and empower individuals from all walks of life to take control of their future through properly managing their money and becoming socially connected to the real world, and she is especially fond of helping women tap into and transform their pocketbook pain into pocketbook prosperity.

When it comes to Money Matters Lorene is the Money Maven individuals, groups and companies choose to experience financial victory!  For more information and to book Lorene to speak at your next event, complete the form below.